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​Savaric is devastated.

His grandmother, the only good person in his life, was dallying with something she had no right to on the day he was born.




And now he doesn’t know what to think. Is he a warlock? Is he cursed? The people in his village already look at him strangely everywhere he goes.


But all of that is about to change. Savaric finds out that his ability to effect the visibility of a tree and a brook aren’t his only gifts. In the right circumstances, he can become invisible too.  What starts out as a lot of fun, quickly goes downhill when things go missing and he is always to blame - even his mother thinks he’s responsible for every cooling pie missing from a window ledge. (Well, maybe one or two!)


Until the day when his gift leads him to a mysterious map written in a language he’s never seen, and a beautiful golden key.


In the whirlwind of days that follow, Savaric leaves the only home he has ever known and sets off alone to solve the mystery behind the map and the key. He soon makes friends and enemies, plans a prison escape, digs for treasure more than once, meets Kings, Queens and fairies. He may even help stop destabilizing battles for the throne and save the English kingdom…


                       ...but only if he can survive.

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"In The Secret Key of Pythagorum,  Michele Angello’s child-like imagination leads the reader on a great ride.  This haphazard adventure is full of vivid characters, well mapped terrain, and fantastical apparitions deserving of the genre.   The young protagonist’s naivety is endearing and drives the suspense of the story.  The final chapter has some surprising twists. Secrets abound and Angello’s ending does not disappoint.  This a well-crafted first novel.  I give it 5 stars."  

     Betty Arca, former owner of the Wizard's Chest


Amazing, captivating book. Loved it. Just loved all of it! Right from the beginning the historical adventure story kept my attention... Everything worked for me. There’s a strong sense of good over evil and the importance of using special gifts to overcome the evil.... Made me wonder: Did this really happen in history?                 - Carol Naff 



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