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Nickcole Watkins

Morgan James Publishing



Magic and Mystery Intertwine in Debut Novel


NEW YORK—June 11, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, The Secret Key of Pythagorum by Michele Angello, takes readers on a whirlwind fantasy through fifth century England. Readers will be intrigued by the whimsy and fantasy painted by Angello in her debut novel, as well as the actual historical icons, locations and characters that are integrated into the story. The Secret Key of Pythagorum is packed with mystery, intrigue, danger, and folklore, all animated by a cast of colorfully written characters sure to draw readers into the story.


When the protagonist Savaric discovers his birth was surrounded by unusual circumstances, he wonders what this means for him. Is he a warlock? Is he cursed? As he searches for answers he discovers that he has a gift: he can turn invisible whenever he wants. However, what starts as a fun trick quickly turns into something more serious when his gift leads him to discover a map written in a mysterious language, and a golden key unlike anything he's ever seen.


The Secret Key of Pythagorum follows Savaric on his journey through uncharted territory as he tries to solve the mystery that has fallen into his lap. Along his way he meets new friends, dangerous enemies, kings, queens, and even fairies. He soon finds that as his strength, skills, and courage are tested, that the fate of the English kingdom is also in his hands, and that his own fate could be grim. With themes of loyalty, bravery, resilience, and strength, The Secret Key of Pythagorum will leave young adventurers just as inspired as they are entertained.


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Michele Angello, please call Nickcole Watkins at 516.900.5674.


Be sure to contact Michele Angello ( for a pre-publication galley.


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