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Follow along and find the doors as they appear in the book - The Fairy Door trail Is Now COmplete!

Door One - Chapter 1 Page 3  

I once watched a key hover, released from a leafy embrace

Today from the vanguard tree I live under 

I watch children run up stairs to capture the keys of knowledge

Zip: 80017

GPS:  Lat: 39.70207231, Long: -104.78807965

Door Two - Chapter 1 Page 5  

A little whirlwind of dust showed he who silently tarried

Those who tarry in this place today are far from silent 

I now live in a new grand tavern on a broad way

Zip: 80113

GPS: Long 39.65434235 Lat -104.98783396

Door Three - Chapter 2 Page 9 

In a forest of grandfather trees  

A sweet meadow secreted a rare and magical tree

Today my trio of trees 

Are neither rare or magical 

And the tower of brick between them is now my home 

Zip: 80013

GPS: Lat: 39.67235004, Long: -104.755566

Door Four - Chapter 6 Page 37 

A humble cottage on a farm 

A thin door to keep out the cold

I dwelled unseen with this little family 

but now I'm warm and happy in the green house of dickenson  

with the author who brought me to life to keep me company

Zip: 80013

GPS: Lat: 39.6721596 Long: -104.7559374

Door Five - Chapter 9 Page 58 

I used to sail the seven seas with the greatest of ease,

but now bemoan my landlocked state.

With the closest salt foam hundreds of leagues hence,

my comfort is my home above a platty  boat launch.

I look to the west and see snow capped peaks

To the east to see flowing water 

And peer down mischievously at those who unknowingly pass my perch 


Zip: 80128

GPS: Lat: 39.56881600079324, Lng: -105.04142381250858

Door Six - Chapter 11 Page 73 

I watched as Savaric freed Elias from a loathsome lockup

The inmates I see won't be fooling this Sheriff so easily

A bridge over a path and sand creek hides my home 

and a tower of stone and concrete marks it 

Zip: 80239

GPS: Lat: 39.76326236, Lng: -104.86595628

Door Seven - Chapter 11 Page 77

Shops of strange and wonderful things, plants and birds and curious things

Were always my favorite places to haunt 

Now the shopkeeper's jolly tradition is kept on the poet's street 

With the treasures and treats of artisans and artists

Potions and baubles, sillies and giggles    

Zip: 80212

GPS: Lat: 39.772019 Lng: -105.0439322

(Door accessible during business hours: 11-4 Monday, 11-5 Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday

and 11 to 6 Friday, 10 to 6 Saturday, and 10 t0 4 Sunday) 

Door Eight - Chapter 22 Page 147  

In ancient days

Morgain's lair was concealed in stone and set on a hill

Today behind switchgrass, in a greenbelt cairn, they'll be no doubt 

That the fairy within again likes living within stone walls set on a hill 

With views from Evans to Pikes  

Zip: 80013 

GPS:  Lat: 39.66774 Long: -104.75329

Door Nine - Chapter 23 Page 157 

Uther and Arthur once passed through these gates

In this strange new land, there are few castles

But this castle names a village

And a rock that lords above it as Uther and Arthur did

Circumnavigate the castle hill 

To the rock conquered by pine

You'll find my home two rocks beyond         

Zip: 80104 

GPS: Lat: 39.37993557, Lng: -104.85425903

Door Ten - Chapter 26 Page 187 

Naban's bridge hid a passage 

I watched as a King and a boy swam by

Today the third bridge is my home

And tiny trains and little children go by with a belle view 

Zip: 80110 

GPS: Lat: 39.62665 Long: -105.00292 

Go on an adventure

and Find the Hidden Fairy Doors!  


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