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Imaginarium Doors

Where Fiction anD The Real World Play 

I think most avid readers will admit that sometimes they wish they could step out of their own lives and into the pages of a good book. Especially in the genre of fantasy, where things seem so much more interesting than our own work-or-school-a-day lives.  

So, when I saw a story on TV about an installation of fairy doors In Atlanta, I knew we needed to have something like it in the Denver Metro Area - but better. Hopefully, our version can help bridge the gap between fiction and and the real world - even if it's believing, just for a moment that maybe fairies, elves and all their cousins really could exist and live behind that door. 

Imaginarium Doors are little fairy doors that can be found in unexpected spots all over the metro Denver Area. But they are more than just cute fairy doors to look at, the fairy doors are all related to the doors in The Secret Key of Pythagorum. You can follow the doors as they appear in the book, or soon, you can find the doors on a geographic path in a big loop around Denver and environs. You can also choose whether you would like to find just one door in your area by looking up your zip code.


Every fairy door has a clue to solve based on the book. The book chapter and page is marked. 

Every fairy door has a zip code to help narrow down the search.   

Every fairy door has a complete GPS address. You will have to look around for the final few steps.  This is a good GPS coordinate finder -

Every fairy door is the home of a fairy who watched the events of the book unfold. So when you look for a door, keep your eyes open for something that looks like it might be inspired by a part of the book. The book can be purchased online at any of the usual suspects.


If you'd like to search for the fairy doors as they appear in the book, click here.


If you'd like to search for the fairy doors in a geographical path, click here - coming soon! 

How To FInd The Fairy Doors


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