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Allllmmmmost half way there...

Today the fifth fairy door on the Imaginarium Fairy Door Trail was uncloaked. I'm almost to the halfway point of six doors on the trail....

Didja Like It? Really??

Have you read and liked the Secret Key of Pythagorum? Let other readers know what you liked about it by posting a review on Amazon or...

For the love of writing

I went to an author's group for the first time this week. Yes, through my entire process of writing this book, I never consulted other...


Reviews and Backbends

When I started on this journey, I knew that reviews were important. Every author, new or established, lives and dies by their reviews. So...

P r e c i o u s

In 7th grade, I was sent to boarding school at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines. The schooling options in our little backwater town...

Birthing My Baby

My Favorite Books

Choosing a favorite book is like being forced to pick a favorite sibling or a favorite child. Singling out a few books out of the...

The Magic Square - coming soonish

The mysterious Sator Square has been intriguing people for centuries. What does it really mean? SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS I'll write...

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