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Allllmmmmost half way there...

Today the fifth fairy door on the Imaginarium Fairy Door Trail was uncloaked. I'm almost to the halfway point of six doors on the trail. Finding willing landlords and fairy tenants is far more challenging than I ever thought it would be. I'm grateful to the newest landlord - you know who you are - thank you!

Though it's not quite the half way point victory I'd like to be celebrating today, it's still a victory. The Secret Key of Pythagorum was written in stops and starts over five years as I made a living doing other things. Even if it was only a hundred words in a month, I still gave myself a little pat on the back for it. I didn't stop because I knew I had a great story that needed to find its way onto the page, whether it was ever published of not. But of course it was, (otherwise this wouldn't be here) and this book is the one of the greatest prides of my life.

I wouldn't have ever finished if I hadn't had goals, broken them down from yearly, to monthly to weekly goals. I might have done better if I had rewarded myself better for achieving those goals. As my coach told me when I said that my reward for that day was taking a shower, "You need better rewards. " Sage advice - and hilarious now that I look back on it.

So - what are the things you need or want to accomplish in your lifetime? And what are the goals and steps you're making to make sure that it happens? Do a step today - I promise it will feel great when you get there!


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