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Dreams of fairies OR where do fairies go in a pandemic?

I don't have to tell you that 2020 has been brutal so far, we have all lived it. While my experience has been different from most, without a whiff of boredom in sight, I have had my share of stress and negativity. One of my favorite ways to get out of a negative state of mind is to watch a good movie, whether it is a comedy or an action thriller or a fantasy. It just needs to be engaging enough to capture my attention and get me to stop thinking about anarchists, viruses, and thieving contractors for a little while so that I can change my thought pattern. Movie therapy = escapism!

Escapism is essential to surviving in the current world, and when you don't have anywhere to go it can be next to impossible. I've been hearing a lot about kids and their moms needing something to do - especially to get away from the house. We can't all watch movies all the time. (Though it would be quite lovely, wouldn't it? Just feed me!) I have a project that I have been working on for while now and I think that it can help with the escapism we all seem to need. But I need your help!

I have designed a trail of of fairy doors, that can be searched for with clues, via GPS coordinates or by zip code. To the uninitiated, a fairy door is a miniature door usually placed in

to the base of a tree or in some public place, that parents can use to stimulate their children's imagination and creative thinking.

The clues to the doors are related to the doors in the Secret Key of Pythagorum. It makes it more fun to read the book and try follow along and solve the clues, but it is not required.

Because the fairy doors are in public places, social distancing can be maintained. Finding the doors is a free activity or treasure hunt that anyone of any age can do in a time when nothing fun seems to be open.

Here's where I need help:

I need more places to put the doors!

Here are the types of places I'm looking for:

  1. A base of a tree

  2. In a group of large trees

  3. A Greek inspired place, maybe a restaurant

  4. A place near water, does anyone know someone who works at Pirate's Cove?

  5. A horse stable

  6. A prison of sorts, or an escape room

  7. A shop that sells a variety of cute and wonderful things, preferably not a chain but locally owned. More of a gift shop or boutique.

  8. A place that looks old and castle-like, maybe just a place with a big castle-like door

  9. A bridge over water that is safe to get to

If you know of a place that can work or know a person in charge who would be amenable to placing the door on the outside of their building (no damage is done to the building or tree) please let me know. This project can bring more foot traffic to the business at no charge

to the business - a good thing when businesses are having a hard time! I would love to do this for the community and have the Denver Metro area have its own set of fairy doors as other cities have.

For more information and to see the clues, go to this page on this website.


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