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Yes, it's publication day. (Not pub day as in pints of beer and clinking glasses with friends... well come to think of it, that may happen too.)

My baby/book, is officially in the world, the great big wide world of books. Savaric will be a name that people try to figure out the pronunciation of, maybe even as much as the name Hermione one day.

I might seem a bit big for my britches saying that but, I have come to realize that in this world, dreams, of any size, do come true. I wanted to be an author for a long time. I've had stories to tell, and I thought they were pretty good stories. I wrote and I wrote, worked hard, and I'm now a published author. It's amazing - such a long shot - but it happened.

I had the loveliest message on my voice mail this morning. David Hancock, the founder of Morgan James Publishing, left me a message saying how proud they were of me and my book, and how they excited they were to partner with me on it. Wooo - that makes me teary - what an wonderful way to start a day. Thank you, Mr. Hancock!


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