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Didja Like It? Really??

Have you read and liked the Secret Key of Pythagorum? Let other readers know what you liked about it by posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

It doesn't have to be this incredible intellectual discourse on the plot or discuss the insidious effects of marsh water on fairy wings. Just say what you liked about it - one or two sentences - BOOM - you're done.

Taking the time to do this is such a HUGE, GIGANTIC, IMPORTANT thing for a first-time author like me with a middle-ish sized publisher. As of today I only need 6 more reviews to make it to 25 reviews on Amazon - which is a big milestone that makes a difference in their oh-so mysterious algorithm that results in more promotion for the book and therefore sales.

Save an author from a life of not getting to be an author anymore - and write a review!! It's the only way any more books can be written and added to this series!!


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